It all started when...

I was 21, fresh out of university. Unhappy in my first job, I decided to start up a blog about one of my favourite things: food.

But I had no idea that this small venture would eventually lead me to starting up my own business.

I was made redundant 6 months into my first job, and after a few months off swearing to find "a job I want to stay in long term", I ended up in another job I hated more than the first. How "millennial" of me... 

One day I said to myself: "Enough is enough" and I left my full time job in pursuit of happiness. I began working with a health guru in London for 2 days a week helping her with everything social media, events, website management and modern digital marketing. 

I built up a client base, and began my first business, Sassy Digital. We are a small digital marketing consultancy aimed at helping small businesses find their voice online. Most small companies employ people with skill sets that match the nature of their business; whether that's property, beauty or food, and leave social media to the intern. By seeking the help of an external digital expert you can sit back and focus your time what you're good at, while making sure your digital marketing goals are in safe hands.

My blog was the first part in my stepping stone to beginning my first business, so the legacy of my first blog lives on through Sassy Bites. A blog dedicated to inspiring other Sassy ladies to live their dreams, take over the world of business and ultimately live the happiest version of your life: the life you want to live.

I'm the woman with my "fingers in many pies" as they say - with Sassy Digital getting set to conquer the world I've got plenty of other business I'd love to start in the next few years. Watch this space world...

If you've got a question for me I'd love to hear from you: lucy@sassydigital.co.uk or I'll be hanging out on the 'gram.

Thanks for reading,

Lucy x

Founder of Sassy Digital, Editor of Sassy Bites, lover of dogs, food and the beach!